By: Abhijit Panigrahi

Having A Godfather

It is really important to have a godfather during your professional journey. You follow, you learn, you gain, you shelter, you help, you grow, you win, you lose, you protect,.. All of these is needed during the journey.

There are 3 scenarios:

1. People, who pick a accurate godfather. I strongly believe, “Every individual is equally talented”. It is the fitment that makes him good or bad. You need to pick your correct job and perfect godfather, who can channelize the talent that you possess. Rest of the ingredients are trivial. The game changes when the godfather moves and you need to search a new one. Really difficult situation. May be you need to follow your godfather, at the same time, have something of your own.

2. People, who pick archaic godfather. It is a situation where, you have to change yourself to accommodate his attitude at your space. A step this side or that side, will change the context for you. So, a continuous exclusive effort is required through out the journey. The game changes when the godfather moves and you find a new one who appreciate your move. Then you get a accurate godfather. This is called luck. I do not know which stone to recommend for this.

3. People, who do not have a godfather. Generally, people move along with their godfather. But, these folks keep watching the movement. They try to increase their intellectual intensity. Never meet the position, that they deserve. Keep trying varied stunts to reach somewhere. End of the day, a neutral person comes and rescue them. After substantial amount experience, the person without godfather wins the battles of losers.

You know what.. ??  The smart people keep changing the path and godfather to grow faster. Rabbits lose the race. :)-

I fall into scenario 3. But enjoying the journey with me and myself. Cheers.