By: Abhijit Panigrahi

Successful Misunderstandings

The glorious semiconscious society and people within the society, are unfortunately driving thrives of intellectual human minds.

During my short tenure of building a culture of joint family at INVINCIX, I realised, every human being is emotional. Every individual is talented. Every member of the family is precious. Everybody should be given opportunity to express themselves. The most important thing is to allow people to disbelief the regular myth in thinking and life style.

The typical regular myths are, why to wear a formal in office where you do not interact with customer in regular basis. Why to appoint a police man to catch the error? Why should I work to buy a house or car? Why should I code on somebody else’s design? Why can not a 20+ year experience work at ground level ?Why can not a 3+ year experience person work on a strategy? And so on.. I can just list down the items that you hate to do daily basis. But you are so practiced do, you just can not ignore, rather start appreciating it without knowing the context to it. Britishers’ habit is well nurtured ..

struggle to believe the core understanding of the society. 90 % of my core understanding and functions are driven by others. Imagine, If I can create an environment, where 

1. The Indianised version of Joint Family is well cultivated and propagated to your workplace.

2. Everybody is allowed to express and allow to hate the points they do not like

3. Everybody is believe in other’s aptitude and attitude 

4. Failures are more cheerful and cherished

5. Hygiene is the epicentre of all shaking troubles. Be hygienic!!

Friends, my dream of creating and promoting a joint family culture everywhere is inches closure.

I have been severally criticised by my family, friends, and society for being an “Suraj Barjatya” imaginary star cast movie script writer. I also have paid heavy price for this till now. But still I see this as “Successful Misunderstandings“.