Innovating healthcare and empowering lives

Our E-Health Solution Includes

Consulting Online

Fully Qualified Digital

Easy and Intuitive

Support for Multiple

Inbuilt Medical Equipment and
Pharmaceutical Ecommerce

Inbuilt Pathology
Aggregation Services

AI in Healthcare​

AI can do a lot more than directly offering care to patients, it can help ease management at hospitals, optimize processes and automate workflows.

Assisted Diagnosis

Using Artificially intelligent agents to assist diagnosis in order to detect diseases early and accurately.

Precision Medicine & Personalized Health Care Delivery

Promising healthcare by offering care and treatment meant just for an individual using genomic data and patient history.

Intelligent Healthcare Agents

Intelligent chatbots for post hospitalization to offer non-medical suggestions like diet, exercises etc for faster and efficient recovery.

Remote Health Monitoring

Key metrics monitoring and Analytics for chronic and geriatric patients with life style diseases.

A platform with many specializations to contact, video call, history upload, e-prescription generation & many more. Consult the specialist doctors just using your smart phone or computer. Our clients/patients are also facilitated with physical consultation, disease diagnosis, home nursing by booking through PDoc Health

Care close to you!

Doctor consultations a lot easier now.

Fluent Video Calling

Experience quality and seamless video calling with just a few clicks. Our innovative interface makes it all easy both for the doctors and patients

Live Documents Sharing

Share medical reports, prescriptions and any other files live during consultation

Live Diagnosis Summary

First time in the world, your diagnosis will reflect live during the video call. Virtual appointments are now more real with this. See the doctor typing your prescription in realtime to have better understanding.

Reconsultation within 15 Days

We understand that a single visit may not fix your health. That is why we bring an option to re-visit the doctor again within 15 days.

Digital Prescription

Purchasing medicines will never be a problem again after a consultation online. You can now download an e-prescription from the medical records section in your dashboard after a video call.