Spare Part Management System

Simplifying your stock validation & management process.

The Scenario

A better way to track vehicle service and retain your customers

~A saas based product intended to automate the workshop to manage the garage services. Vertici is an integrated garage management software which rapidly cuts down on the admin time and helps you focus more on fixing cars.

Our Services

Time-consuming and error-prone stock validation and management for spare parts.

Challenges in accurate manual counting and reconciliation report generation.

Inefficiency and productivity issues in the current workflow.

Need for a comprehensive solution to address these pain points.

Automate and streamline the stock validation and management process.

Overcome accuracy and productivity challenges with our solution.

The Solution

After thoroughly comprehending the pain point and thoroughly understanding the specific business requirements, we dedicated several months to consulting and engaging in brainstorming sessions. This extensive effort eventually led us to develop a highly effective solution known as the “Spare Parts Stock Validation and Management System”. This robust application was specifically designed to alleviate the identified pain point and cater to the unique needs of the business.
Our primary objective revolved around automating the entire workflow with meticulous attention to detail. We adopted enterprise-level technology to ensure a seamless and efficient process. By automating each step of the workflow, we aimed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and minimize human error. This comprehensive automation approach served as the core focus of our development efforts.
One of the key features we implemented within the “Spare Parts Stock Validation and Management System” was the ability to import data using spreadsheets. This functionality empowered users to easily import relevant data into the system, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the chances of errors. Additionally, we incorporated a task creation feature, allowing users to define specific tasks related to stock validation and management.
Another significant time-saving feature we integrated into the system was the automatic generation of reconciliation reports. After scanning the products and completing a task, the system automatically generates detailed reconciliation reports based on the scanned data. This eliminated the laborious and time consuming process of manually counting each product and eased the overall generation of reconciliation reports. By automating this aspect, we significantly enhanced efficiency and accuracy in the stock management process.


Simplify Spare Parts Inventory Management

Seamless Data Import and Updates

Streamlined Task Management

Precision Purchase Order Reconciliation

Actionable Stock Reconciliation Reports

Mobile Power in Your Hands