Business eXperience Delivery – BXD

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Business eXperience Delivery – BXD

Unique Business Experience is in the heart of everything we do at INVINCIX.

business experience, in short, is what an organization wants to achieve through an IT solution. Business experience functions as a way for the business owners to conceptualize the need and work toward a realizing the experience. The thing about experience is that they’re measurable, specific, and tactical.

How we do it ?

Build Trust and Respect Between Project Team and Customer at the beginning

Building mutual respect is a key to smooth projects.

Mutual respect means that decisions can be made about the project constructively and without dissent. There are several aspects to building a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

First impressions :

The old cliché is true; there’s only one chance at the first impression. Moreover, a good first impression only lasts as long as you live up to it. The minute you falter, the good first impression is gone, so it is critical that you stay consistent in your positive interactions. Do your homework and make sure all project team members know the project inside and out and are ready to speak authoritatively on their parts before engaging the customer’s team.

The what, when, and how of communication can really make a difference in projects.

Different customers will react in different ways to your communication methods. For example, one might prefer a regular status update in e-mail while another one expects to view a milestone report with a summary of weekly achievements.

Mutual decision making :

Next opportunity for building trust and respect is the experience you bring the customer in mutual decision making. As the provider, it’s important to take the time to lead them through the decision process. Where there are no customer opinions, backfill with yours. When a customer has a strong opinion on a topic try to yield to their desires. When the customer desires are not aligned with your agenda (best practices or efficient execution) then you must engage them in dialogue. That dialogue must always be grounded in respect for the customer’s point of view and focused on a mutually beneficial resolution focused on the goal not the execution (the what, and not the how).

Level of detail :

Meaningful ongoing communication should be tailored to the individual customer. There is no right way to go about it. Too much can be a turnoff for customers and will result in them disconnecting, too little and they’re wondering if you’re making any progress at all. I personally like the more frequent informal contact with periodic formal updates. Keeping with respecting the customers time concept, the updates must be meaningful and relate back to their business needs, not related to gory details of execution. Consider a daily dashboard with a series of weekly reports.

Respect for time :

While keeping the customer involved, we never want to waste their time. Guide them to focus their attention on the important parts of the project and not the mundane details. Customers should be engaged in decisions about whether or not to do something but not necessarily about how exactly to do that thing. Customers should be appraised of the how, but in more of a review format to build buy-in for execution.

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