Business Transformation and Re-engineering

Digital transformation framework enables excellence in “Innovation”, “Agility” and “Responsiveness”

Amidst the COVID pandemic, enterprises are reimagining ways of working remotely while staying connected with their employees and customers. Improving productivity and transforming service experience in this ‘New Normal’ is imperative to drive business continuity.

Enterprises are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient. In a dynamic enterprise service management landscape, improving productivity while delivering a superior service experience is needed to ensure business continuity.

Business Transformation and service experience digitally

With out BXD ( Business experience delivery model), we have developed a clean process that helps small and medium enterprises transform their enterprise service management landscape to delight all stakeholders. IT and business users can seamlessly access data and workflows, allowing them to work effectively and address end-customer problems with ease.

Powered by AI, these offerings amplify automation, modernization and transformation of enterprise-wide processes, thereby delivering smart and intuitive experiences for employees and customers. It ensures always-on service delivery so businesses can enjoy productivity savings, higher efficiencies and an innovation culture across the service experience continuum.

IT Service

IT service management​

These end-to-end IT service management solutions drive metric-based improvements by enabling:

IT operations management​

These solutions help IT users streamline operations at greater efficiency through always-on monitoring capabilities such as:

IT operations
IT Business

IT business management​

These ready-to-deploy solutions for IT business management include project as well as application portfolio management with features such as:

Human resource service delivery

These ready-to-deploy solutions ensure complete HR service management including:

HR operations

Workplace Service Delivery

Our end to end offerings transform the workplace by modernizing employee experience with :

Security operations

The security operations solutions give clear visibility into the security portfolio. They help global organizations integrate different security tools so IT, security and business units can seamlessly collaborate with each other. Organizations can also respond quickly to security breaches and vulnerability, thereby reducing risk. Key capabilities include:

Security Operations