Unleashing efficiency in the service industry through automation


Service industry since its inception has been in demand with an exponential growth in the service needs. Every industry is now requiring service in all aspects. Though service is provided by humans but some where its needs knowledge and some cases it does not. Human intervention is almost a mandate in the service, but to manage them is a tedious job where service providers struggle to gain the efficiency & proper desired output at the specified time.

This is where the technology comes into picture and can solve the issue where the providers would be able to manage the service persons so that the output should be optimum

The Scenario

The scenario where for a service provider there are multiple people working and getting tasks assigned, it is a cumbersome effort to manage and assign the tasks in a proper manner to get the desired results. When a customer raises a ticket for a service, tracking manually over calls which service personnel is near by and free and then assigning him with out any track of when the personnel reaches and how much time spent on the service, all these are the major pain points while tracking and auditing for any service providing agency.

The Solution

Some features of DigiStack


Authentication using Username & Password


Dashboard with the count of tickets based on status, with the upcoming tasks and whom the task is assigned


Raise tickets based on the customer, business customer & service required


Create & schedule tasks for the service persons to perform the specified task


Billing and Invoice generation


Mobile Application (iOS/Android) to suffice the need of service per – sons to get notified im – mediately once task is scheduled for a quicker response time

Difference We Created

A smooth transition from a excel based service tracking system to fully automated tracking.

This ensured 30% improvement in service life cycle