IT process and automation services

The existence of software industry started with automation of manual processes. The automation has evolved over a period of time and termed as “Digitalisation Service”.

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Aligning IT process and automation services with business goals

To compete in today’s fast-moving world, IT enterprises must deploy new technologies rapidly to help grow their businesses while controlling IT costs. At the same time, they have to manage their current application IT process essential run-the-business operations while eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies across the enterprise.

Our  automation team provides flexible, cost-effective services to support day-to-day operations while improving application service delivery. Using our end-to-end workflow-driven managed services platform, we align and integrate the right tools, technologies and processes to eliminate redundancies, reduce costs and deliver a best-in-class applications portfolio. We achieve these goals by progressing through three stages:

Our team acquires a deep understanding of the application portfolios and business processes to help manage the transition. We work closely with IT to transfer knowledge, standardize processes, establish baselines and define a detailed road map.

We standardize processes and establish a baseline for continuous service improvement. We then implement agile, lean IT, DevOps and test automation to accelerate the development cycle.

We transform IT by establishing toolkits to enhance automation and convert from the current state to best-in-class. By rationalizing IT portfolio and services, we enable self-funding of grow-the-business initiatives.

Use Case

Agile Office

Agile office is a cloud web-based online SaaS application which makes your office operations easier and saves your pocket going paperless.

A stack of all your workplace operations which is easy to use and much easier to understand.

Get a feel of our simple and swift office automation solution