By: Abhijit Panigrahi

Being Selfish

I“, “Me“, and “Myself” is termed as “Selfish” in Dictionary

I personally feel that being Selfish is genuinely a difficult task. I am really happy and proud of the people who are selfish.

Corporate View

Most of the growth stories in corporate world revolve around selfishness. “My business units”, “My resources”, “My portfolio”, and “My plan”, are the major buzz that normally create wonders. This is good. Really good.

But I cannot win the battle, unless there is a “My strategy” to destabilize, “Other business units”, “Other unit resources”, “Others portfolio”, “Others plan”, and

“Others strategy”. I love it the most.

The best part is when a mute observer is looking at a helicopter view of both

“MY” and “Other”. Even more fun, where there is no egalitarian view.

Society View


successful societies around the earth are equally finicky about being selfish.

Then terms are coded as “My cast”, “My language”, “My religion” “My money”, “My culture”, “My attitude” and many more “Mys”. One should be proud of this. But I am amused when we to get more mileage on “Mys”. So, what do I do then? I will start injecting the evils in “Other cast”, “Other language”, “Other religion” “Other money”, Other culture”, “Other attitude” and many more “Others”. It is really an interesting game plan.

It is even more interesting when global phenomenal objects like “Parents”, “Son”, “Daughters”, “Wife” and “Friends” are added with adjectives of “My” and “Your”. Others “Parents” are not good and my “Parents” are best in the world. This is really peak point of selfish.

What next ..

I tried to be selfish last weekend both personally and professionally failed miserably.

Look at a different angle of viewing this.

If you want to grow you need to deal with “I”, “Me” and “Myself”, plus (+) countless “You”, “Your” and “Yourself”. That means everyday; you are faking your satisfaction level by ignoring the stress of “Yous”.

Easy solution to both the problems is to deal with 3 things “We”, “Us” and “Ourselves”. And of course not “Our Wife” :)-

Let us begin now ..

Let us not make life complicated, and start enjoying simple things. And practice adopting simple things. Unfortunately, the whole world believes great people do difficult things to be successful.

Actually, it is reverse.

Ordinary people do difficult things by complicating simple things. Extraordinary people do simple things by simplifying complex things.


I cannot be ordinary. I want to be extraordinary. Because, I am lazy to be selfish